Manufacturing Leadership Certification

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From corporate headquarters to the factory floor, manufacturing organizations can have some of the largest disconnects in workplace culture.  Siloed plants, line workers, corporate leaders, plant managers, and unions make up this challenging landscape, consisting of an array of perspectives and ideas on how operations must be handled at varying levels.  Whether its productivity, risk management, safety, keeping costs down, or a number of other focus areas, the manufacturing industry can be a difficult one to navigate and even more so to transform culture.  Our culture change methodologies help manufacturing organizations establish an alignment that can be felt from corporate leadership to the line worker, ultimately delivering more efficient and productive results.

Some of the most challenging relationships between leadership and the frontline that we’ve seen exists in manufacturing organizations. This is often due to a misalignment of priorities and Key Results, resulting in poor productivity, high safety incidents, and increased costs.  Our process for aligning culture in a manufacturing organization is so simple, yet so effective—and it all starts with positive accountability.

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