We Have Declared WAR on Teen Suicide!

Todd Woodfill is a nationally sought after Youth Motivational Speaker, Youth Life Coach and mentor.  Todd has a distinct passion for empowering youth to become catalysts for transformation in society, learn resilience, and to take control of their future.

Whether Todd is addressing self-image, bullying, suicide prevention, or a myriad of other concerns, his message empowers youth to overcome their obstacles, identify and reach their goals, find success in their lives, and thrive.  

After 25 years in various levels of the business industry, Todd's family was affected by multiple incidents of youth suicide from friends of his children.  As Todd's eyes began to open to this tragic epidemic he was given the opportunity to speak with a high school group about bullying and self-image.  The response was far different than what he expected and was accustomed to with his business leadership speeches.  Instead of the normal thank-you's and pats on the back, Todd had the opportunity to hear stories from teens who were affected by the message and were reaching out for help.  Many had considered or even had made plans to commit suicide.  Todd's eyes and heart were fully opened, there was a problem and he wanted to help address it.  TW Leadership immediately changed gears by creating the Transformational Catalyst program for youth along with added speaking engagements for youth and young adults. 

August 20, 2018 the world was changed, Todd's family affected and their collective hearts broken.  Friends who were close enough to be considered family lost their child to suicide.  The question Todd grappled with was how could this happen so close to us when we are working so hard to make change?  The answer he came to was that there is more that can be done.  For every suicide we prevent there is another family that is not broken and hurt.  For every child we save there are parents who do not have to experience the anguish.  We MUST do more!

Todd decided this issue was too important to be a side business.  Too important to just couple with his leadership training business.  No more, Todd decided to declare war against teen suicide.  The numbers are staggering and they just continue to climb, we have a responsibility to step in and do something.  With this in mind Todd retooled his programs for even greater impact, completed multiple suicide prevention certification programs, has been coordinating with some state and federal agencies, and is in the process of giving up his business by turning TW Leadership into a 501(c)3 charity.  The business model has changed to allow for greater impact and reach through the use of donations and sponsorships.  We don't want to allow any child to not receive the message and help they need because an organization didn't have the available funds.  Team with Todd today!

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